Once a teacher had a disciple who used to live in a hermitage. One day, the disciple was going somewhere. He hadn’t gone too far when suddenly it started raining cats and dogs. He returned and told this problem to his teacher. The teacher said, “You should have faith in god. He will save you from all problems.” The disciple obeyed and resumed his journey. He kept reciting the name of god and cleared all the hurdles. Next day, the teacher had to go on the same route. When he reached a deep drain, he doubted whether god would save him or not. The teacher got drowned. Thus, doubt drowns you and faith saves you. No matter what the situation is, trust God we will over come this period 🙏. The negativity you pass around shows how much you doubt him and that’s not good for any of us. Let’s follow the rules of the quarantine. Imagine if it a was gun bullet war, each of us would be running without thinking about anyone latter alone food, let’s focus on one thing, and that’s to Stay safe from the covid_19. Some are worried about there rents, shops, food, elections, exams, but are you even sure that you will be alive by tomorrow? What will your cops do about all these material things? Appreciate that you are among the living today🙏

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