I pray I could learn to look at people, the way God sees each one of us – to be able to forego the little mistakes, maybe even the big ones to be able to see weaknesses turned into strength to know something’s hurting and yet know that the hurt would be healed in time to look beyond judgment to see with an understanding heart to see what’s beautiful to appreciate what’s good to not measure anybody’s destiny with their present plight but to see real hope for everyone the way God sees us To know that orphans have their Father To know that those imprisoned have One who will set them free To see how the poor will one day bask in God’s abundance To see the broken-hearted in days when God Himself will cradle them upon His lap To be able to see with God’s own eyes is to see with gladness, with hope, and with a love so strong it could never ever fail! I urge you to know who you really are; in your eyes, in your heart. Know thyself, especially your strengths. Know that which is beautiful. Know that which is loveable. Know that which has made you the unique and wonderful person that you are!

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