Once upon a time a donkey was grazing in a pasture just near the edge of a forest. After satisfying his appetite, he strayed into the forest. All of a sudden, he saw a lion-skin lying near a bush. How happy the donkey was! He dreamt of passing himself as king of the forest after putting on the lion=skin. So, he took it up and wore it. Then he went near a pool and saw his image in the clear still water of the pool. He was delighted to see that he really looked like a lion now. So, the foolish donkey pushed into the forest and walked in the style of a lion. Small animals like cat, mouse etc. thinking him to be lion, ran for their lives. This added to his self-confidence and he started walking more proudly. Suddenly, the donkey saw a fox coming towards him. He tried his best to frighten the fox but the fox was clever enough and said, “I’ll be scared at the roar of a lion and not when a donkey brayed whatever he may wear. ” The donkey threw away the lion-skin and ran to safety. Moral: Embrace who you are, be you, love you and live you. Disguise never works.

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