Once upon a time a man used to live in a cottage at the edge of a forest. He had a daughter who was very beautiful.

A lion often used to see the pretty girl during his usual prowl and fell in love with her. So, one day, he went to the girl’s father and asked for her hand.

The man was unwilling to give his daughter to a fierce husband. But he didn’t have the courage to refuse and offend the lion. So, he thought hard and hit upon a plan.

He said to the lion, “My daughter is afraid of your teeth and sharp nails. She will marry you only if you let me have your teeth pulled out and your nails clipped.

” As the lion was blindly in love with the girl, he at once agreed to the demand without thinking of the outcome. As a result, the lion was totally disarmed. The girl’s father beat him with a heavy stick and drove him away.

Hmmmmm, imagine the things we do for love.
Love can humble anyone.
Don’t pray for anything, just ask for the grace of love upon all your enemies .

Your welcome 👈

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