Learn to be guided by your own self

Once upon a time there was a middle-aged man who was very romantic by nature. He loved being in the company of beautiful women. But his hairs were turning gray.

He had two beloveds- one of his own age while the other quite young. He tried to look as attractive as he could but his beloveds were skies apart in their behaviour.

The older beloved didn’t like the man to look younger to her. So, whenever he used to go to her, she pulled out some of his dark hairs out of his head to make him look older.

On the other hand, whenever he went to meet the young beloved, she didn’t like him look old. So, she used to pull out some of his gray hairs to make him look young.

All this went for quite some time and a day came when the man became totally bald. As a result both the ladies rejected him.
Moral : we all have insecurities, we all reach a point in time we feel ain’t good enough, underappreciated but no matter what, learn to be guided by your own self.. You can’t live up to everyone’s expectations. Who says you owe anybody for something that isn’t in your control?
You have so many good things about you. Focus on that.

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