I don’t know about you but I forget things all the time, one day I thought I lost my keys, I searched for hours but I couldn’t find them.I called up my mom and she just told me, look well in all your pockets and bag. For a minute I was disturbed, it was humiliating. How could she ask me to check my pockets ,does she think am a fool not know that am carrying the keys in my bag !She insisted and I had to cross check again, and guess what🤣…The keys were too deep in my wallet. I started laughing ,she started laughing. What I realized that day is that you could be looking for what you already have.You could be looking for a connection you already have, but just because you are not taking time to look in your own phone contacts, you keep looking in wrong places.You could be looking for a relationship that you already have but just because you are busy wishing you knew her/him your not paying attention to what is I’m your sight.You could be looking for a job your self can create but because you are so obsessed with with your profession ,you are so busy looking for a boss to boss you around yet you have so much gifts in you you ignore.I pray you look deep with in you and accept change.What are you looking for?The answer could be right with you.Enjoy the music my great funs.

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